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this site is dedicated to developing applications with
ORACLE Identity Manager.

Mostly it consist of recipes written in Java language.

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  1. documentation
  2. documentation
  3. documentation
    1. Connectors documentation
    2. API Javadocs
    3. User guide
    4. Developer Guide
    5. Admin Guide
  4. OIM 11gR1 downloads
    1. rcu
    2. Connectors downloads
  5. WebLogic downloads
  6. OIM patch list


  1. 11gR2 download instructions by Atul Kumar
  2. API Javadocs


  1. On this site
    1. Videos video tutorials list
    2. Install OIM 11g on Ubuntu Linux amd64
    3. Create trusted source reconciliation connection
    4. Create EJB service
    5. Another way to clone 9.1 production to dev/test
    6. Logging in OIM
  2. External links
    1. OIM Refresh / Clone between environments
  3. Metalink
    1. Easy steps for Oracle Identity Manager 11g (OIM 11g) installation on Windows
    2. OIM Data Dictionary
    3. Information And Bug Listing of Oracle Identity Manager Bundle Patches:
    4. How To Configure Auto-Approval for End User Self-Registration in Oracle Identity Manager 11g (OIM 11g)
    5. OIM 11G Oracle Learning library


  1. Provisioning


OIM 11g Data and services

  1. Business Object Types
  2. Programming Object Types
  3. Repository Database Tables
  4. OIM EJB services
  6. Supplied User Name Policies

OIM 11g Java programming recipes

  1. Setting up classpath
  2. Open a client connection to OIM server
  3. Import/export deployment artifacts
  4. Print out tcResultSet
  5. Register/unregister plugin
  6. Metadata Store
  7. Work with users
  8. Work with organizations
  9. Work with Scheduled Tasks
  10. Using ConnectorInstallUtility
  11. Add user-defined fields
  12. Cache management
  13. Reconciliation service
  14. Work with Properties
  15. Work with Requests
  16. Authorization Service
  17. Plug-In Framework
  18. Scheduler Service


  1. Microsoft Active Directory User Management

Custom tools and services

  1. oimtool
  2. oimdao
  3. Custom EJB services


  1. OIM resources
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