An Adapter is called by process task.
The Adapter then calls the code for performing a specific provisioning operation on the target system.
There is a one-to-one relationship between an adapter and a process task.

The code called by the adapter is custom-built for compatibility with the features that the target system provides for performing provisioning operations initiated on other systems.


OIM Custom Adapters videos by oimcoder

The following is the TOC for these videos with timing.

  1. part 1 topics covered:
    1. 00:44 create a Form
    2. 03:49 create Java classes to pre-populate form fields
    3. 04:40 upload these classes to OIM server
    4. 05:38 configure an Adapter
        1. 05:38 create the Adapter, add an AdapterVariable
        2. 06:36 add an AdapterTask, map the AdapterVariable to a method in Java class
        3. 07:45 compile the Adapter
      1. 08:00 Return to the Form and configure 3 FormFields, using the Adapter
      2. 10:05 create a new FormVersion and make it active.
      3. 10:26 some explanation about the Java code used by the author
      4. 11:55 conclusions
  2. part 2a
  3. part 2b
  4. part 3
  5. part 4a
  6. part 4b
  7. part 5
  8. part 6


  1. Adapter compilation problem: incomplete classpath
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