User Defined Fields

How to deal with user-defined fields to OIM.

Object types supported

It is possible to add fields to the following types of objects:

  1. Organization (ACT table)
  2. User (USR table)
  3. Resource Objects (OBJ table)
  4. Role (UGP table)
  5. ITResource (SVR table)


  1. SDK - master
  2. SDC - column metadata

Java API

  1. ConfigManager service

Add/delete fields and field categories.

Currently the only method I know is to use OIM WEB interface. In theory, the ConfigManager service shall do attribute manipulation, in practice, it works in the server only, not in the client program.


After you have all necessary attribute categories and attributes added, you may wish to export the data for future use. The master data is located in MDS, the path is file/User.xml. Export it with the following command:

oimtool --md-print /file/User.xml > User.xml

Note: importing the file to MDS is not enough, you shall update the SDC table accordingly, and do some other things.

You can import it back by the following command:

oimtool --md-import User.xml /file/User.xml

Alternatively, you can use Metadata Store API or any tool provided by Oracle to manage metadata.

Note: You will have to restart the server for the changes to take effect (maybe purging the cache may suffice).

Access policy

See Creating an Authorization Policy for User Management in User Guide.


  1. in DevGuide


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