Holds information about a Process.


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Default Process

This flag determines if this Process is the default provisioning Process for the resource object with which it is associated.
Otherwise, the Process will only be invoked if a Process selection Rule causes it to be chosen.

Auto Save Form

This flag designates whether OIM suppresses the display of the custom form associated with this Process or display it and allow a user to supply it with data each time the Process is instantiated.
If this flag is ON, you must supply either system-defined data or ensure that an Adapter is configured to populate the Form with the required data because the user will not be able to access the form.

Auto Pre-Populate

This flag designates whether the fields of a custom form are populated by OIM or a user. Two types of forms are affected:

  1. Forms that are associated with the Process
  2. Forms that contain fields with prepopulate Adapters attached to them

If this flag is selected, when the associated custom form is displayed, the fields that have prepopulate Adapters attached to them will be populated by OIM.

When this flag is deselected, a user must populate these fields by clicking the Pre-Populate button on the toolbar or by manually entering the data.

Note: This setting does not control the triggering of the prepopulate Adapter. It only determines if the contents resulting from the execution of the adapter are displayed in the associated form field(s) because of OIM or a user.

Note: This flag is only relevant if you have created a Form that is to be associated with the Process and prepopulate Adapters are used with that Form.

Table Name

The name of the table that represents the Form that is associated with the Process.

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