Logging In OIM

Logging in OIM OIM

Logger types

There are basically 3 types of loggers used by OIM:

  1. oracle.core.ojdl.logging.ODLLogger
  2. org.apache.log4j.Logger
  3. com.thortech.util.logging.Logger

First two are documented in the chapter of Admin Guide, and in more detail here.


  1. Is derived from java.util.logging.Logger, so it is compatible with standard Java logging.
  2. Does let you change the log level programmatically.
  3. Configuration is located in the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/servers/<SERVER_NAME>/logging.xml file.
  4. Configuration files are monitored, so OIM server restart is not required for changes to take effect after you changed this file.


  1. Does let you change the log level programmatically.
  2. According to OIM docs, the configuration is located in the OIM_HOME/config/log.properties file, the file exists in my installation, but I never managed to make OIM sense changes in this file.


The com.thortech.util.logging.Logger does not let you change the log level programmatically.

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