Microsoft Active Directory User Management connector




  1. 11G General connectors docs
  2. This connector docs html, pdf



  1. Automation configuration of MSAD connector using Java API

Official docs

  1. The installation chapter


  1. In the target AD system create an account capable to run all necessary tasks. If you want to enable the reconciliation of deleted target system records, then you must use an administrator account. See here.
  2. Add the ldapbp.jar library to $OIM_ORACLE_HOME/server/ThirdParty from (See here)
  3. Copy the contents of the connector installation media directory into the following directory: $OIM_ORACLE_HOME/server/ConnectorDefaultDirectory
  4. Log in to the Administrative and User Console, go to the Identity Manager Advanced Administration page
  5. Click Install Connector
  6. In the Connector List menu select ActiveDirectory, and press Load
  7. Press Continue
  8. Wait until the installation is finished. Note: the first time I ran the installation it failed for unspecified reason, it succeeded after I pressed the Retry button. Note 2: despite the window said the installation was successfull, I've noticed multiple exceptions in the server log. This probably will eventually strike me back.
  9. Create all ITResource(s) (See here
    1. Follow the Create IT Resource link on the Identity Manager Advanced Administration page
    2. Enter the resource name and select the AD Server as the resource type, click Continue/
    3. Specify the IT resource attributes. Must specify at least the followind:
        1. Admin FQDN the name of the administrative account we've created earlier.
        2. Admin Password the password of the administrative account we've created earlier.
        3. Port Number
        4. Root Context
        5. Server Address

Test connection confiuguration

See ADServerConnectorTest.

Java API & implementation

  1. The protocol any OIM connection shall obey in xlUtils.jar
  2. The implementation if the protocol com.thortech.xl.integration.ActiveDirectory.ADResourceConnectionImpl in xliActiveDirectory.jar

The implementation

  1. tcUtilADTasks high-level task
  2. tcADUtilLDAPController lower-level implementation
  3. Basic connectivity test ADServerConnectorTest
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