OSI table

TaskInformation Holds information about tasks that are created for an order

Parent tables

  1. ORC * ProcessInstance orcKey
  2. MIL * ProcessTask milKey
  3. USR assignedTo, assignedToUsr
  4. TOS AtomicProcess tosKey
  5. UGP UserGroup assignedToUgpKey
  6. SCH TaskDetail retryFor one-to-one relation
  7. REQ Request reqKey
  8. ORD Order ordKey
  9. ACT Organization organization
  10. RSC Response rscKey
  11. PKG Process pkgKey
  12. SCH TaskDetail recoveryFor one-to-one relation

Child tables

  1. OTI Holds specific information such as status or scheduled dates about an instance of a task which are in Pending(Provisioning/Approval tasks ) and Rejected (Provisioning tasks) status buckets
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