PKG table

Consists of names and system keys of service processs, which consist of a group of services from the TOS table. Defines a Process in Xellerate.

Parent tables:

  1. OBJ


  1. PKH - Package Hierarchy Table Holds The Parent-child Relationships Between Processes.

Child tables:

  1. EMD - Email Definition Information Table That Holds The Email Template Definitions.
  2. ORC - This Entity Holds The Detail On Each Order. This Could Be Considered The Items Section Of An Invoice. This Entity Is The Instance Of A Particular Process
  3. OSI - Holds information about tasks that are created for an order
  4. OTI - Holds specific information such as status or scheduled dates about an instance of a task which are in Pending(Provisioning/Approval tasks ) and Rejected (Provisioning tasks) status buckets
  5. PUG - List To Define The Administrators And Their Delegated Admin Rights For Each Process.
  6. ROP - Rules To Apply To An Object-process Pair, Defines The Process Determination Rules Attached To A Resource Object.
  8. TOS - Holds information about a process
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