Reconciliation Service

Java API

  1. tcReconciliationOperationsIntf

Getting The Reconciliation Service

ReconOperationsService reconOp = client.getService(ReconOperationsService.class);

Running a Trusted Reconcilliation to Xellerate User

// recordMap contains the keys and values that map from the Xellerate User resource to the Process Definition to the User Record
try {
    eventKey = reconOp.createReconciliationEvent("Xellerate User", recordMap, true);
    logger.debug("Recon Complete " + eventKey);
catch (tcAPIException ex) {
    logger.error("Recon Exception tcAPIException", ex);

Running a Target reconciliation with multiple Children

Here we are doing a Recon of users (Sailors) from the ldap server were each sailer can be assigned Groups and a Ship.

// recon is a map containing the attributes mapped from the resource object to the process definition to the process form
logger.debug("Recon Map " + recon);
    // reconcile all the parent fields
    long reconEvent = reconOp.createReconciliationEvent(resourceName, recon, false);

    // reconcile each group using the parent event ID
    for(String group : groups)
        childgroup.put(groupChildName, group);
        logger.debug("recon Group " + childgroup);
        long pk2 = reconOp.addMultiAttributeData(reconEvent, groupMV, childgroup);

    // reconcile any ship assignments
    for(String ship : ships)
        childship.put(shipChildName, ship);
        logger.debug("recon Ship " + childship);
        long pk2 = reconOp.addMultiAttributeData(reconEvent, shipMV, childship);
    // if had groups then clear any previous groups and make these groups the current groups
    if (groups.size() > 0)
    // if had a ship then clear any previous ships and make this ship the current ship
    if (ships.size() > 0)

    // finish and process the target recon
catch(Exception e)
    logger.error("Recon Exception for " + recon);
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