Register/Unregister Plugin

Register a plugin packaged to the file ""

byte[] bytes = Files.toByteArray(new File(""));
PlatformService service = oimClient.getService(PlatformService.class);

Unregister a plugin with the specified class name and version

PlatformService service = oimClient.getService(PlatformService.class);
service.unRegisterPlugin("", "1.0");

You can register/unregister plugins with the oimtool:

oimtool --register-plugin
oimtool --unregister-plugin 1.0


  1. PLUGINS - plugin master table
  2. PLUGIN_ZIP - the zip file with Java classes
  3. LATEST_PLUGINS - the latest version info

See also

  1. PlatformUtilsService Java API
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