Supplied User Name Policies

Username Policies.

OIM 11g Provides a few default policies for generating a unique User ID. The policies is specified in the System Properties.

This property specifies the code used for the default User Name Policy. This code is contained in ./Oracle_IDM1/server/apps/oim.ear/APP-INF/lib/OIMServer.jar

XL.DefaultUserNamePolicyImpl = oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.impl.plugins.DefaultComboPolicy

This property specifies the domain name that will be appended to the User Name if it is specified. for all default policies except the EmailIdPolicy it 
is automatically appended. 
XL.UserNameDomain =


The DefaultComboPolicy will run one of the 3 policies below depending on what values are contained in the record. Any failure will stop the generation process.
e.g. A duplicate that cannot be resolved if the "Email" is specified will stop the whole process. it will not try to continue with the FirstNameLastNamePolicy.

    EmailIdPolicy - if "Email" is contained in the recon.
        uses the recon Email value. 
        Checks for duplicate userId
        Duplicates are resolved by incrementing the user part of the email.
        max increment is 2147483647
        the email address must be a valid email.

    If "Email" is not present.
    FirstNameLastNamePolicy - if "First Name" and "Last Name" are present
        start with first.last@UserNameDomain (if usernamedomain is present)
        checks for duplicate userid
        if duplicate try again with "Middle Name" if available
        if no "Middle Name" or "Middle Name" still produces a duplicate
        start using random letters from a-z
        e.g. first.last or first.mi.last or first.randomletter.last
        UserNameDomain is appended if present.
        UserNameDomain is always included in the duplicate check

    LastNamePolicy - if only the "Last Name" is present.
        same as above but first name is not used

Other Supplied Policies.

        same as firstNameLastName Policy except only the first name initial is used.

         same as firstNameLastName Policy except only the first name initial is used.

        same as firstNameLastName Policy except names are reversed

Any of the other policies can be specified by replacing the System Property and either running the script or restarting the server.

XL.DefaultUserNamePolicyImpl = oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.impl.plugins.FirstNameLastNamePolicy
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