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OIM Custom Adapters series by oimcoder

Part 1 configure a Form, FormFields and assure this fields are populated

  1. 00:44 create a Form with 3 FormFields
  2. 03:49 create Java classes to pre-populate form fields
  3. 04:40 upload these classes to OIM server
  4. 05:38 configure an Adapter
      1. 05:38 create the Adapter, add an AdapterVariable
      2. 06:36 add an AdapterTask, map the AdapterVariable to a method in Java class
      3. 07:45 compile the Adapter
  5. 08:00 Return to the Form, configure PrePopRules and PrePopAdapterMappings (association between FormFields and AdapterVariables)
  6. 10:05 create a new FormVersion and make it active.
  7. 10:26 some explanation about the Java code used by the author
  8. 11:55 conclusions

Part 2a create an adapter to provision user

  1. the short contents of part 1
  2. 00:58 create user adapter (adapter for ProcessTask)

part 2b Configure Create User task

part 3

part 4a

part 4b

part 5

part 6

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